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Charter schools need to get in front of parents. Colleges need to get in front of students. Even small local schools need to have a prominent web presence in their local market. Larger schools need an even more robust presence to meet their student enrollment goals.

We've helped Brick and Mortar, Blended Learning, and full Distance Learning programs succeed, and we can help you. The education industry is now big business and highly competitive. To compete, you need to have an edge. We are that edge...

School Masters Guide to
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"We are an independent school. After extensive research we found Kreative Webworks. All I can say is AMAZING. This has been a great partnership. It's as if we got a brand new employee who is a top level digital marketer. This is far more than an SEO company. This is a social media, website, ad campaign powerhouse! Great customer service. Many in the school wanted to go with "tradition" private school providers. These guys turned out to be much better."


Adam G.
Orange Park, Fl

School Marketing... Kreative Style

Regardless of which program is right for your enrolment goals and budget, we advocate a well-balanced marketing strategy that features a premium website, a sound search engine optimization strategy and a robust social media presence.

Here's How We Do It:

A great website design that builds confidence in students and parents alike.

A fully managed SEO and Pay Per Click strategy.

Branded Social Profiles because Parents, Students & Search Engines Love Social.

Targeted Facebook Advertising Management

Content marketing strategies

We track and report EVERYTHING

Here's What You Can Expect:

For one thing, DON'T expect to be nickled and dimed with a lot of additional invoices for every little thing. Our PartnerPlus Web Presence program is all inclusive. We don't even charge additional for designing you a new website. As far as we are concerned, the website is the hub of your web presence, and just part of what we do for you. We package everything into one comprehensive package where we essentially become your Digital Marketing Department.

Here's How We Get Started:

Simply click here to schedule a few minutes to chat with us.

We'll have a brief conversation over the phone so we can gather some specific information from you. We'll ask about your service area, your specialties and your competitors.

Web Presence

We'll do a complimentary audit on your existing "web presence"

This review will cover your existing website structure, your search engine placement, your social presence and info on your competitors. You will probably find this fascinating!

We'll go over the highlights of the audit with you.

We'll show you areas of improvement and discuss which of our School lead programs are right for you. We'll even show you real examples from real School clients.


Outstanding Marketing Solutions for Charter School!

My rating:

I first met Chuck and the Kreative Webworks team thru a charter school I was providing financial services for. Over the past four years our relationship has continued with both the original charter school and many other schools I've recommended Kreative's services to.

Cory C.
San Diego, CA

Experienced Professionals in the World of Marketing

My rating:

Our organization has used Kreative Webworks for many years. They were there with us through all of our growing pains from a struggling new business to one bursting at the seams. Our first collaborative project with them was a new website. We relied a lot on KWW's expertise through experience...

Evan J.
San Marcos, CA

We are extraordinarily pleased with Kreative Webworks!

My rating:

We have been extraordinarily pleased with Kreative Webworks. They built our school a website that is professional and user friendly that far exceeds the website we previously had. The current site truly expresses the image we want to portray to prospective students.

Alexa G.
Newport Beach, CA

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