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Webscan™ Website Audit

For Business Websites

Before you can improve your company’s web presence, you need to understand your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Our WebScan™ technology will provide insight about your competitors, offer data on your search engine results, gauge your companies’ social interest, and provide actionable recommendations. 
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What do We Test For?

Here's a partial sample of the 32 Tests

Test 11
Broken Links
Check for links to web addresses that don’t exist, or which return an error. These are known as broken links. Broken links frustrate users and Search Engines.
Test 3
Speed Test
Measures the speed of the website, including factors like file size and response time. Slow loading websites frustrate users, and piss-off search engines.
Test 30
Search Engine Results
Display how the website will typically appear in the results of a search engine like Google, and makes suggestions how this can be improved.
Test 4
Search Ranking
Checks the placement of this website in selected search engines for specified terms. High placement is the ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization.
Test 15
Mobile Test
Tests whether a website is optimized for mobile and tablet devices, and shows a preview of the website in these devices. “Responsive Design” is preferred.
Test 29
Popularity Test
Tests how popular this website is compared to other websites, what countries traffic is coming from, and whether popularity is rising or falling.
Test 9
Content Keywords
Determine whether a website makes appropriate use of keywords: including them in content and emphasizing them using appropriate technologies.
Test 7
Missing Files
Detects missing files within this website, i.e. files which pages require to load completely that are missing. Missing files suggests a technical issue.
Test 17
Analytics is the measurement of visitor behavior on a website for improving that website. Popular Analytics software includes Google Analytics.
Chapter 10
Social Interest
Checks the amount of social interest that individual pages within the website have. How many Facebook Likes, and Tweets does the website attract?
Test 24
Spelling Test
Poor spelling leaves a poor impression of your website and reflects badly on your company. It can also make your content harder to understand.
Test 31
Incoming Links
Counts the number of links found pointing to your website, and compares against other sites. The volume of quality links is a search engine ranking factor.

Is your competition eating your lunch?

This WebScan™ site analysis will tell you why... and what you can do about it.

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