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School Marketing Services & Packages

Affordable Strategies for K-12 Schools

Structured School Marketing Packages

We know from years of experience working exclusively with schools what works, and what doesn’t. We have a full suite of al-la-cart school support services, but we’ve boiled them down to two structured programs that are virtually risk-free.

Our Digital Marketing Blueprint, which is our stand-alone analysis and strategy service, and our Core Essentials Marketing Package which is where we manage some, or all of your digital marketing operations. Both services are essentially risk-free as there are no long-term contracts for either:

Digital Marketing Blueprint for Schools:

This is our stand-alone action plan for any school looking to invest in a solid marketing strategy before risking their marketing budget on arbitrary tactics. Taking a “strategy-first” approach saves time and money by starting with an integrated plan based on solid research and years of experience. This package consists of 7 key components.

Our special pricing for schools and our satisfaction guarantee makes our Digital Marketing Blueprint for Schools virtually risk-free. (see this 4-minute video)

Component 1 | Marketing Persona Development

Component 1:
Marketing Persona Development

Component 2 | Detailed Competing schools analysis

Component 2:
Detailed Competing schools analysis

Component 3 | Website Messaging Recommendations

Component 3:
Website Messaging Recommendations

Component 4 | Technical & Aesthetic Website Analysis

Component 4:
 Technical & Aesthetic Website Analysis

Component 5 | Google Budget Recommendations

Component 5:
Google Budget Recommendations

Component 6 | Social Media Budget Recommendations

Component 6:
Social Media Budget Recommendations

Component 7 | Strategic Marketing Recommendations

Component 7:
Strategic Marketing Recommendations

Core Essentials Marketing Program:

We've designed a “done for you” program consisting of what we deem essential marketing strategies for schools. We call it our Core Essentials Package, and it is our foundational program that covers all the essential components of an effective school marketing plan. Then we baked in 5 hrs. of discretionary services each month to make sure we can cover you for any contingency. This package consists of 7 key components.

This package is designed to increase brand awareness through search and social strategies and then convert that traffic into enrollment inquiries. This is our affordable, fully managed program where we take care of everything for you.

Component 1 | Google Search Advertising

Component 1:
Google Search Advertising

Component 2 | Display Advertising & Retargeting

Component 2:
Display Advertising & Retargeting

Component 3 | Social Media Advertising

Component 3:
Social Media Advertising

Component 4 | Social Media Publishing (Optional)

Component 4:
Social Media Publishing (Optional)

Component 5 | Online Directory Management

Component 5:
Online Directory Management

Component 6 | Full Reporting & Analysis

Component 6:
Full Reporting & Analysis

Component 7 | Discretionary Services

Component 7:
Discretionary Services

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