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Introducing the Digital Marketing Blueprint

When the only thing missing is the Plan

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why would you start your marketing without one?

Want to take control of your enrollment marketing, but you don’t know where to begin?

Our Digital Marketing Blueprint for Schools will provide your team with a customized, no-nonsense, actionable digital enrollment plan that is based on solid research, and proven strategies with a track record of success.

We will analyze your web-presence, make suggestions for improvement, and most importantly, provide a series of strategic marketing tactics that are designed to work with each other.

This is a stand-alone product that you own. You are free to use it with your own internal teams or outsource it to any third-party of your choice. If you choose to work with us, we will waive all your strategy set-up fees, and start your enrollment marketing right away.

This is a Risk-Free Service

We are so confident in the value of this Digital Marketing Blueprint, that if you don’t get full value from it, tell us what you think it’s worth, and we’ll refund the rest!

If you decide to engage us in our Core Essentials Marketing program within 90-days of reviewing the Blueprint, we will waive your entire set-up fee.

Watch The 4-Minute Video For a Full Description

The Blueprint consists of 3 sections:

#1: Situational Analysis:

  • Discovery Session (document current web “assets” such as social media properties, etc.)
  • Google Search Trends Analysis (over a minimum of 36-months)
  • Online Competitor Analysis (how you rate next to other schools or businesses in your area)
  • Persona Research and Profiling, (What makes your ideal customer tick)

#2: Detailed Website Analysis:

  • Technical Deep-Dive of your website (with dedicated detailed report)
  • Eye-Tracking Analysis (predictively tracks eye movements of visitors on specific web pages)
  • Critique of website messaging
  • Documented observations, insights and suggestions

#3: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Strategy Overview (Including suggestions and examples, as appropriate)
  • Tactical Roll-up (List of all potential tactics at a glance)
  • Tactical Details (Descriptions, Advantages, Strategy, Associated costs – if any)
  • Budget Analysis for any associated paid advertising

We don’t just dump a document on you, we include a one-on-one debrief and consultation where we will answer all your questions and make additional suggestions.

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