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Our signature “Digital Marketing Blueprint for Schools” service starts with our comprehensive web-presence audit. We are now offering the WebScan™ audit portion of the Blueprint Free for up to 4 schools each month.

We will audit your school’s website and provide a personal one-on-one review of the results. We will go over your Content, your Google rankings and SEO fundamentals, User Experience, and highlight important information about the school’s website. We will also make actionable suggestions that you can implement right away.

If afterwards, you want to continue with the full Digital Marketing Blueprint, you will have that option, but it is not necessary.

"We hired Chuck and the Kreative Webworks team to do a Digital Marketing Blueprint for Congressional School. What we received was an in-depth report that took us from Google search trends and a technical review of our website to digital marketing recommendations with tactical plans and a recommended budget. We are now partnering with them to implement their recommended digital strategy to help our small two-person department move our marketing efforts to the next level."


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Falls Church, VA

We do 4 Free Analysis & Consultations for schools each month

If we don’t have an open slot for you this month, we will schedule you for the first available slot next month.

Here’s How this will Help Your School

We’ll run a deep scan of the school’s website and web-presence and then go over the highlights with you in non-technical terms. We’ll point out some “fixable” issues and opportunities for improvement such as:


When a school’s website gets too big, it’s hard to manually keep track of all the content throughout the site. We will catalogue all the pages and point out issues on specific pages. The Content section covers:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Broken links
  • Readability


How well do you stack up against other schools in your area when it comes to Google? We’ll review some of the things you can do to increase your search rankings. The SEO section covers:

  • Search rankings
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Backlinks from other sites

User Experience

A good user experience is key to an effective website, but with an expanding range of devices and technologies it is harder to measure than ever. We will check that your pages are fast, work on mobile, are easy to read, and work correctly. User experience covers:

  • Mobile usability issues
  • Site download speed
  • Best practices
  • Important issues

Issues & Information

Do you know how many pages there are on your website? Or how many visitors you get compared to other schools in your area, or even all the various technologies on the school’s website? This section covers:

  • Page by page issues
  • Popularity
  • Technologies used

If you are interested in the full Digital Marketing Blueprint for Schools, you will have plenty of opportunity to learn more after we review the WebScan™ results with you.

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