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Adaptive SEO

How to “Future Proof” your Search Engine Optimization strategy

What's It All About?

Adaptive SEO is about “White-hat” SEO techniques that are diverse, effective and sustainable. It’s a 360° holistic approach that some call “Future Proof”. Google intentionally decentralizes the factors they use to determine who ranks where for what keyword. That means traditional SEO techniques are no longer sufficient, and in many cases can actually hurt you.

We take an adaptive approach by focusing on the diverse factors that Google and all the other search engines actually embrace:

Quality “Optimized” Content Planning:
Adaptive SEO cannot be done properly without the inclusion of Content Marketing. Your content should help your target market through the buying process and be distributed effectively through your social networks.

Technical Fundamentals:
The technical fundamentals and foundation of your website need to be correct from the outset. Things like Load Speed, structure and user experience through responsive design all play a part in how the search engines rank your pages.

Keyword and Competitive Research:
At the core of every successful SEO Strategy is comprehensive research that includes the discovery of highly converting non-branded keywords. As well as your company branded keywords that you want to dominate the results for.

Publish, Socialize & Share:
The social signals generated through the top social channels can be used to increase your discoverability in the search engines and can also help to distribute your content to anywhere in the world.

Benchmark, Report & Improve:
Regular analysis of the data is essential. Things like Page Rank Progress, Backlink Growth, Good Social Signals, Increase in Organic Visits, Website conversions and Keyword popularity are all critical in helping us make the right strategic decisions.

Adaptive SEO... Because Google Doesn't Care about Your Scrawny little Business from Kreative Webworks, Inc.

It's the Research!
It all starts with the Keyword Research. We do a fairly sophisticated analysis to find keyword "Themes" that meet the following criterion:

  • Relevancy: Are the keywords actually relevant to your business? Are the people who are searching on those keywords actually looking for your products and services?
  • Popularity: What phrases are people actually searching on? It doesn't do any good to rank number one for a phrase that no one is searching on.
  • Competition: Don't expect to be the only game in town. What we are looking for is acceptable levels of competition. It is better to get traffic from 30% of 1,000 searches each month than zero percent of a million searches.
  • Commerciality: It doesn't do any good to drive a lot of traffic for a phrase that has only a minimal opportunity to convert into profit.

We have worked in many different industries and can typically evaluate your needs with a high degree of certainty. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation.

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