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Digital Marketing Blueprint -SAMPLE PROPOSAL

This is a sample proposal I put together using Proposify. The prospect can read it online, but they can also print it out as a PDF like this. You will want to customize your Personal Message to be relevant to any discussions you have had with the prospect.

As with everything else I prepared for you; make it your own. Use your own language, your own template and even if you want to add or remove or change anything with the Blueprint offering, go right ahead.

Digital Marketing Blueprint Sample:

This is the actual Blueprint sample I used during the demonstration. Note that this is an artificially enhanced version where I added several services and reports that did not appear on the original blueprint that was delivered to this client. These were added for demonstration purposes.

Please consider this just an outline to create your own version to suite your own needs and presentation style. Don’t feel compelled to do exactly what I did, use my descriptions, or use the same tools that I used. It’s more important that you understand the concept of the “Foot in the door” offer and produce something of value to support it. It’s also imperative that you are comfortable delivering this to a client consistent with your own style.

IC Blueprint Notes:

This is a collection of some of the pertinent slides from my presentation. I only included the ones that stand on their own without my narrative.

Persona Development Matrix:

There are many different resources available for building a Buyer Persona. This particular one that I found (I did not create it) is perfect for designing your own list of questions. I highly recommend that you create your own based on your vertical market, or unique to your client.

Digital Marketing Blueprint Presentation 2020

Discovery Intake Data:

This is a simple form to collect the basic information needed to run the various tests and reports that go into the Blueprint.

Blueprint Step-by-Step Procedure:

This is our internal documentation on how to create a Blueprint. It is based on the tools that we use, and probably has more detail than is necessary.