"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

- Warren Buffett

Our Pricing Explained

We have two programs, our Digital Marketing Blueprint, which is our stand-alone analysis and strategy service, and our Managed Services Program, which is where we manage some, or all of your digital marketing operations.

the Digital Marketing Blueprint:

For businesses there is a one-time investment of $4400, and it’s worth every penny. However, for schools, we offer a very steep educational discount where the investment is only $3900. We may charge more for Dual language schools, or schools with more than 2 or 3 parent profiles, simply because there are more demographics to consider.

It takes about 10 business days, and we will need you to participate in the initial discovery session, and again when we review it with you and your team.

Guaranteed: If you don’t think it’s worth what you paid, tell us what you think it’s worth, and we will refund the rest. This guarantee will be in writing.

Rollover Option: The Blueprint is designed as a stand-alone service that you are free to use in conjunction with your own internal marketing team, or with any third-party of your choice. However, if you choose to engage us in our managed services program, we will waive all our internal set-up fees.

the Managed Services Program:

Now that you have your full suite of strategies in place, we can help you execute some, or all of them. Some of our clients want us to take over everything, while others just want us to do the heavy lifting and technical work. We’re flexible and will operate within your parameters.

Our Pricing Philosophy: We know from experience that there are certain core elements that go into every marketing program. Because these are essential and specific components, we've packaged them and “baked” them into our Core Essentials program where we are able to deliver and manage them for a fixed fee.

We also know from experience that there is a lot more to enrollment marketing than just the core elements, which is why we combine our core programs with our optional Universal Management program. This is a custom “bucket of time” that we can draw from to do anything that we are competent and capable of doing. The larger the bucket of time, the steeper the discount. This is by far our most flexible program.

Our Advantage

We are constantly creating and updating our Library of Marketing Funnels. These are tested and proven Lead Magnets, Facebook ads, Landing pages, Workflow Email sequences and Framework Websites for schools. This allows us to quickly customize and deploy proven strategies that have worked for other school marketing programs around the country.

Customizing these for you will minimize the amount of resources (time) we need to invest in your project, thus leaving more productivity time for the many other things we need to do to increase your enrollments.

We can, and will absolutely design custom marketing funnels for you, it will just use up more of the dedicated time we have allocated for you during that particular month.

Our No Hostage Policy

We don’t require long-term commitments from our clients. We typically start with a 6-month program, but we will not hold you hostage if you don’t believe you are getting value from our services. You may cancel anytime with a minimum of 14-days’ notice. We only ask that you participate in a brief exit interview so that we might use your experience to improve our processes.

Invest in yourself, it pays the best interest!

Contact us to learn more. We may even do a little something special for you if you are considering partnering with us.

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