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Offline Conversions - Measuring Phone Calls

Chuck Bankoff - Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Offline conversions are very important and many businesses overlook just how important they are. You should remember that often times people find you on the internet but instead would rather visit your physical location or call instead of using your website to make their conversion. Offline conversions are pretty hard to track, but if you’re not tracking them, your ROI data about your online campaign will not be accurate and might lead you to under-budget your SEM program. Here are some techniques that can be used for a more accurate insight on your online SEM campaign.

Lead Measuring Techniques For Phone Calls:

Using our research and analysis, we have discovered a few effective ways to measure your phone leads that result directly from your online marketing strategy. Here are a few of them:

Campaign On / Campaign Off:
This method works by letting you see how many calls you are getting over a set period of time with your campaign turned on, verses how many calls you are getting over a set period of time with your campaign turned off. You can try this a few different times in order to get a better sense of where your phone calls are actually coming from.
Using Different Phone Numbers: While running a Pay Per Click campaign, your landing pages can actually have a different phone number than the other pages of your website. The only issue with this is that sometimes a person that found you through your PPC campaign will revisit the site through your regular url. While this strategy isn’t 100% accurate, it gives you an easy way to gauge the general success of your online marketing campaign.

Software To Track Your Calls: This is another method that can be extremely helpful, especially when running a mixed media campaign. What happens is that the software assigns different and unique telephone numbers for each search engine. If you also wanted to track beyond the media vendor, you can assign specific coupon codes or extensions through your listings. You can also use pop-up software that is able to initiate a call or voice chat that is then taken by a qualified sales person. The only problem with this method is that most often people have pop-up blockers enabled on their browsers.

Dynamic Reverse Proxy: The strategy I like the best is an intelligent system that that can differentiate the source of the visitor to the site. Depending on which source directed them there, the visitor will see a different phone number. Your telephone would ring just as it usually does, but all the calls will be tracked, the phone number of the caller, the length of time the call lasted, and the call will be recorded. Not only that, the actual voice conversation with your sales rep will be recorded as well for playback on demand.

Obviously phone calls that stem from your online marketing efforts are among your top KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Many of these strategies are very easy and you can probably handle them yourself. You may want to get the advice of a certified Digital Marketing Consultant to really leverage the techniques and technology.

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