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5 Types of Businesses that are Rockin’ PPC!

Kreative Webworks - Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I make no secret that I’m a big fan of paid advertising in all their incarnations…both Search & Social. I also make no secret that it doesn’t always make sense for every business.

First you have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone who views your ad or visits your website is going to become a customer. However if you are doing everything right (well written ads, quality landing page, call-to-action) you will get your fair share. Any business with reasonable margins that consumers actually search for just might be a good candidate.

5 of Our Clients that are Rocking Pay-Per-Click Advertising:


Charter Schools: The Line Score

Why it Works: What the graphic above doesn’t show is that in addition to the 170 phone calls and the 3 emails, 179 of the Web Events were submitted forms. That’s a total of 351 leads! Because the value of a single new student to a Charter School in the State of California is somewhere between $3,000 -$5,000 per term depending on some variables, it would only take about 3 new students to pay for this entire cycle of marketing. Out of 351 leads, they only need to convert less than 1% to make it worthwhile.

Glass & Mirror:
The Line Score

Why it Works:This PPC cycle generated 254 documented leads. What the graphic above doesn’t show is all the additional walk-in traffic because they have an actual local showroom. The conversion rates are very high, because the keywords are very specific. 

Law Firm:
The Line Score

Why it Works:Because they’re Lawyers! Out of 20 leads, they only need one new case… not just to pay for their marketing budget, but to make an actual profit.

Home & Office Cleaning:
The Line Score

Why it Works:First, they don’t make as much profit as many of our other clients, but then again, they don’t need the same budget as a law firm to be competitive. Besides, unlike more pricy services, all they have to do to close the deal is to pick up the phone. Oh…and every new client typically signs up for ongoing services.

Gourmet Mushroom Products:
The Line Score

Why it Works:Because they have a niche business with a finite amount of competitors. The average order is about $125, and customers typically reorder every 3 months or so. That make the lifetime value of a new customer pretty attractive.

Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Right for Your Business?

If you sell widgets for $0.99 one at a time, you can eliminate yourself right now. However if you have one or more of the following in common with the businesses that I profiled above, it may just be the right move for you.

  • Consumers actually search for your product or service
  • You have a decent website or landing page
  • You have someone to answer the phone or quickly reply to inquiries
  • Either a single sale or a prolonged value to a new customer is valuable to you

If you’re in doubt, contact me directly and I’ll give you my best assessment…on the house.


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