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Conversion Architecture

Improve Sales by Increasing Traffic, Up-Selling and Improving Conversion Rate.

Unless your only goal is to use your website as an online business card (known as brochureware) you are probably trying to elicit a specific behavior from your visitors. Typically most businesses are trying to generate a phone call, an email, a submitted form or a transaction.

Most business owners make the mistake of assuming that an attractive website that generates good traffic will take care of itself. That is categorically untrue. The vast amount of website traffic is wasted.

4 common misconceptions most businesses have:

  • Visitors are anxious to interact with you simply because they found your website.
  • Yours is the only site they visit during their session.
  • Visitors will find what they want
  • Visitors know what they want.

In actuality consumers need guidance and motivation to act no matter what their intentions were when they started their search. That guidance is what we call a "sales funnel". That is essentially leading a consumer down a specific path to a predetermined call to action. That rarely happens by accident. It takes a high degree of planning and an understanding of consumer behavior.

Take a look at the impact increasing your conversion rate by just 2% can have on your bottom line:

Improve Sales

Increasing your conversion rate by just a few percentage points has a lot more impact than increasing traffic. In the scenario above you would need an extra 24,000 visitors to have the same impact as just doing things right in the first place!

Conversion techniques are contingent on your target markets' demographics and psychographics. It's a combination of good clean layout, intuitive navigation, incentives and call to action. In some cases using conversion tools such as Live Chat or Click-to-Call can have a dramatic increase in your conversion rate and your bottom-line.

We've been helping Orange County businesses convert browsers into buyers since 1999, and we can help you. Contact us and we would be happy to develop a strategy for your business!

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