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Consulting Essentials Package
for Schools

Maya Angelou -

When you know better…
you do better

Designed for schools that need ongoing professional, but economic consulting and advice on enrollment marketing, conversion architecture and the boring technical stuff. We’ve combined one-on-one consulting with a suite of essential monthly services that most schools neglect because they don’t have the expertise or resources.

Comprehensive Packages start at just $999/month


Need a proven strategy for Facebook marketing? How do we rank higher on Google? What are my analytics really telling me? Does this outfit make me look fat? We will consult on anything that we are competent of capable of. Disclaimer: you look just fine in that outfit.

Each month you have a pre-determined bank of hours that we can draw from. If you don’t use all your time on one month, we will roll it over to the next month until we reach the pre-determined cap.

Component 2 | LOCAL PRESENCE:

Directory Management: Directories are a source of links, traffic and trust. Search engines use them for validation, and people use them to find what they are looking for. We create and maintain your profile on over 20 top-tier major aggregators, search engines, directories, and apps that matter most.

Reviews Monitoring: 90% of consumers consider online reviews when making decisions about a purchase. We will provide a reviews monitoring system so that you know when a parent or consumer leaves you any sort of review on the directories that we monitor, so you can respond appropriately.

Competitor analysis (Quarterly) Each quarter we see how you stack up for SEO, Social Media presence, Website Build, Paid Search and Local presence compared to 3 of your competitors or to “best of breed” websites. We will send the report and go over it with you on request.


Google Analytics/Data Studio: We will set Google Analytics up properly, installing all the proper filters so that your data is accurate. We will also set up Google Data Studio to make it easy to see only the most relevant data at a glance. More importantly, we will do an analysis and create a custom report for you each and every month.

Website Health monitoring (including reports and recommendations). We run regular site audits to locate areas for improvement such as broken links, misspellings, slow loading pages and an entire suite of critical website heath issues. We will give you direct access to these reports and advise.

Website Downtime Monitoring: Websites go down all the time, typically for seconds or minutes. If you aren’t on your website at that moment, you wouldn’t even notice. However prolonged downtime can be problematic. We will set up a monitoring service to alert you of any downtime in excess of 5-minutes.


User Behavior Reporting: Our heatmaps, scrollmaps, and other visual reports will show you exactly how your visitors are responding to elements on your site to help determine where in the buyer’s journey people are dropping off. We even randomly record entire user sessions with video.

Eye Tracking Reports: We use AI-Powered design audit tools to get instant feedback on the visual aspect of key pages of your website. Reports provide a complete graphic representation of the strengths and weaknesses of your website to help increase conversion rates.

Component 5 | PERKS:

Insider’s Club: Each month we will send you something special, like a “Social Media Policy” or “Video Testimonial Template” or a content calendar or an eBook or guide on a critical topic. We’re constantly updating our library and coming up with new and relevant perks for you.

Preferred Fees: This package invariably uncovers many opportunities for improvement. If you don’t have your own resources, we will help you. As part of this package, we will extend a 15% discount for our hourly or project-based services.

Seamless Upgrades:

Our Consulting Essentials Package for Schools is the foundation for all of our other programs, so upgrades to additional services are easy, and data driven.


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