Total Awareness Package for Schools

Affordable Consulting & Support

Our Total Awareness Package consists of 4 key components:

Component 1 | BRAND AWARENESS:

Our Directory Management service is where we create your school’s profile on over 20 different directories and maintain and report on each of them to enhance the school’s visibility throughout the internet. This is an ongoing service where we will also monitor reviews about your school and enable a system where you can easily respond to those reviews as necessary.

We will also do quarterly analysis on up to 3 competitors. This is presented in an easy understandable comparison grid format that lets you know where you stand next to your top competitors, or other best in class schools that you want to emulate.


We use a series of specialized software programs to visually track ACTUAL user behavior on key pages of your website. The highlight is a collection of videos of users interacting with your website. You can follow their experience by actually watching their cursor move around the pages as they scroll up or down the page. This gives us unprecedented insight into the effectiveness of each page and gives us data to make changes based on facts, not speculation.

We also run eye-tracking tests on key pages that simulate what the human eye will look at on your individual web pages, how long their eyes will linger on specific elements on your webpage and in what order they view them. More importantly, it reveals what they DON’T pay attention to.


We schedule regular in-depth reports and set up alerts for issues on your website. We can find anything from misspellings and broken links, to issues with the mobile version of your website. We’ll send you regularly schedule reports, but we will alert you immediately if we detect any emergency issues as they arise.

We will also set up Google Analytics and Google Data Studio “correctly” so that we have accurate data to make decisions. In addition, we will set up site downtime monitoring so that you (and us) are instantly alerted should your website go down for more than 5-minutes.

Component 4 | CONSULTING & PERKS:

Perhaps the crown jewel of this program is our open consulting service. We specialize in school marketing and our school marketing strategists can offer guidance on everything from enrollment marketing strategies to how to handle technical issues as they pop-up.

Perks consist of unscheduled bonus resources that we prepare for you as we develop value-added material such as a social media policy framework, or a Video Testimonial Template. It could be anything at any time. Also of note is our discount pricing for ad-hock hourly services that pop-up here and there.

Seamless Upgrades:

Our Total Awareness Package is the foundation for all of our other programs, so upgrades to additional services are easy, and data driven.

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