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Web Design and Development

Website design goes in and out of style just like clothes. Color selection, image presentation, and screen resolution are all tell-tale signs of how contemporary your brand is. Even the way your message is presented is an indicator of your company's attention to detail.

“ Website design influences perceptions of trust ” (Usability.gov)

At the end of the day you have between 2-8 seconds before a consumer makes up their mind whether they are interested in your brand or if they are going to "bounce" off your website and take a look at your competitors offering. People don't read on the Internet, they scan… they see headlines, bullet points and graphics.

Consumers make snap decisions at a glance and are easily turned away at the first breach of professionalism. You can't separate what you say from what they see; it must be one cohesive package that represents your brand in the most accurate and flattering way.

People Friendly by Design
A stylish, relevant website is essential, but if it doesn't generate leads or sales, it's just more red ink in the expense column. At Kreative Webworks we don't just produce websites that look great, we produce websites that produce business. It's the philosophy of integrated design and conversion architecture.

Mobile Friendly by Design
Mobile viewing of websites has long since surpassed desktop viewing of websites. All of our websites are “responsive”, meaning that they automatically adjust themselves to the size of the screen your customers are viewing on…smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Search Engine Friendly by Design
Search engines look at specific on-page and off-page factors when deciding where to rank your website in the search results. The "on-page" factors start with the website platform itself. Some website technologies are more "search engine friendly" than others.

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Other factors involve the way the content on the website is organized, the way the Headlines are structured, the way the meta-tags are allocated throughout the site, how the internal linking structure strategy is executed.

We start by selecting the appropriate platform to use as the foundation for your project. In general simple is better; however we must consider your marketing objectives.

  • Will we be selling product online?
  • Do we want to leverage Blog technology?
  • Built in email marketing?
  • Integrated analytics?
  • Does your company need to manage the content in-house?

We promise that the technology we ultimately choose, and the methodology of our page layout design will be appropriate for your marketing objectives, and consistent with industry best practices for search engine optimization.

Yes, there are some major factors that move the needle more than others, however it is actually an accumulation of all the little things just being done correctly and consistently that make the difference between the first page and oblivion.

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