The Lighter Side

Betty decides She's a Digital Marketing Expert

Chuck Bankoff - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Betty isn't an actual client of ours, she's the culmination of several of our clients that have misconceptions of what Digital Marketing, and in particular what Social Media Marketing is all about.

Conceptually search engine marketing is pretty straight forward in terms of how it benefits you. Social Media Marketing? Not so much.

Even in a pretty sophisticated place like Orange County California, we occasionally run into the business man or woman who knows that SMO (Social Media Optimization) is essential to their marketing efforts, but is satisfied that just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account meets the minimum requirement.

Combined with search engine optimization, social media technologies are now the most significant advertising opportunity in recent history. It is the great equalizer...equally available to everyone.  The problem is that it is that it doesn't actually work without a strategic plan.

Betty's plan is a little weak...

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