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Have you ever noticed that those banner ads you see on major websites around the Internet seem to be targeted just for you? How did they do that? How did they know you were interested in a new car, or shower doors, of cosmetic dentistry? It’s a technology called “Retargeting”. It comes in two flavors, and here’s how it works:

How Does Site Retargeting Work?

When a consumer visits your website, regardless of the means (Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click marketing, email or directly through a browser) we “tag” them. As they go about their business visiting other websites over the next hours, days or weeks, we show them your custom banner add (which we develop for you). Your brand literally follows them around for less than a penny per impression.

Your most valuable prospects are the ones that have already sought you out. If they already visited your website they must have an interest in your products and services. They just weren’t ready to engage you YET. Our Site Retargeting technology reminds them of why they sought you out in the first place.

How Does Search Retargeting Work?

Search retargeting pinpoints people who have shown purchase intent by searching for keywords related to your business. Search retargeting shows your display ad to “specific consumers” based on what search terms they queried.

Program Specific:

We will design 3 different banner versions to accommodate the 3 most popular dimensions (see examples below):


You will be responsible for supplying us with the budget (which will vary depending on geographic reach). The larger the geographic area covered, the higher the budget to accommodate more people searching. 

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