What Is Pay-Per-Click?

Paid Search Advertising, also known as Sponsored Links or PPC, is the single most efficient way to quickly achieve high placement on the search engines for a virtually unlimited amount of different keywords.

Here’s How it Works:

  • A consumer has a need for your product or services
  • They go to a search engine like Google, or Bing, or Yahoo!
  • They search on a keyword phase that we are managing for you (we literally manage over 1000 for each campaign).
  • Your search results come up along with your competitors
  • The consumer clicks on your “ad” and goes to your landing page on your website.

It’s not until the consumer actually goes to your website until you pay anything. You ONLY pay for each actual visit to your website. It is like having an ad in your local newspaper and only paying for the prospects that read it! How much more targeted can advertising be?

Other Important Features:

Smart Technology: Our proprietary platform tracks which keyword phrases resulted in a positive call to action; like a phone call, and email, a submitted form or a transaction. It collects this data and over time reallocates the budget to spend it on the phrases that have a track record of actually resulting in real leads… not just visits.

Geo-Targeting: We can target you add to a specific local area such as a single or multiple cities, or a specific radius around an address. Thus ensuring that you only pay for the consumers most likely to engage with your services.

Reporting: We believe in transparent reporting. You can log on at any time (24/4) and monitor how much you spend each day and the results of every single day the campaign has been running. We can even record the actual phone conversations that are a direct result of the leads that we send you. Of course we get the phone number and address of every unblocked phone that the calls originate from.

The rewards of a well run PPC campaign can be significant, however because you pay for each individual click to your website, it can get awful expensive if you don’t to it correctly. Kreative Webworks, Inc. has been managing PPC campaigns both local and National since 2004. Our consultants are certified and experience and we don’t require any long-term contracts.


“I am so sorry we didn’t start working with Kreative WebWorks years ago. We can’t believe what a difference it made once Kreative WebWorks took over our website and search engine marketing. You have completely changed our business for the better. For the “After Construction” campaign that you are running for us, we made $5600 the first month on only a $400 investment! Our main Housekeeping campaign is really cleaning up (pardon the pun). It is a bit difficult to convert into dollars, but our stats show that in the last 4 months we have received 245 phone calls, 21 emails and 56 requests for quote forms! Not only that, we are spending half what we used to spend! These numbers are staggering for us. I can’t express how much Kreative WebWorks helped my business.”

Deborah A. Kerr
Maid In California

Top Content Marketing Agency 2017
WSI Certified Agency