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7 Interesting (if sometimes obvious) things you can do with QR Codes

Chuck Bankoff - Monday, November 21, 2011
QR Codes…my new favorite toy (and a Digital Marketing dream) are becoming incredibly popular because of their ease of use and unlimited applications.

A QR Code (short for "Quick Response" Code) is a 2-dimensional digital icon that your customers and prospects can scan with their mobile phone to get access to well...virtually anything that you want them to have access to. Not only that, they come standard (and free) on most mobile phones, even the most basic software to design them is free as well!

The applications are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few of them literally off the top of my head. Some of these are cleverer than others, but I guarantee these are just scratching the surface:

1: Business Cards & Flyers: This may be one of the most obvious places to use a QR Code, but the applications are endless. You could set it to download your contact information to your prospects smart phone (where it belongs) so they don’t have to look for your business card the next time they think of you. Or you could do the obvious and simply link it to the home page of your website. Just make sure that you link it to a mobile optimized page or you won’t fully be taking advantage of the technology.

Or you could be clever and link it to a “special” promotional page that is reserved for those who put forth the effort to scan it. For example, you could link the code to a special “VIP Room” with a special discount or offer that can only be obtained by entering through the scan.

2: Your Website: Yes, another obvious one, so think it through… If they are already on your website you could give them remote access to a hidden special offer page (mobile optimized of course) or you could simply download your contact information or product offerings.

3: Shirts: Just think about doing an expo or a convention and everyone on your staff has a large QR code emblazoned on their shirt. Having people aiming their smart phones at the large gaudy design your entire staff is wearing just might be the attention getter you’re looking for. What would it link to? How about an “event only” special?

4: Social Media Icons: You could use it as a profile picture or as your personal picture on Skype or as the secondary logo on your LinkedIn Business profile.

5: Graffiti: Come on…who could resist scanning some hi-tech tagging on the side of building or fence? Or a little more conventionally, on the door to your OWN office or store.

6: Menus: Why should a restaurant rely on pieces of paper to make their takeout menus available to patrons? Why not let them scan it and store it on their smart phones. If the scan links to the mobile menu page on their website, it can constantly be updated by the time the patron takes her next look.

7: Tattoos & Tombstones: What’s the difference between eggs and bacon? The egg was involved…the bacon was committed. If you’re really committed to this concept of QR Codes, why not tattoo one on your body? After all, a tattoo is permanent proof of temporary insanity. Speaking of “permanent”, nothing says forever like chiseling your final epitaph on your final resting spot. Now that’s commitment!

Here is a little step-by-step guide on setting up a QR Code. Of course in many cases you might need help in setting up a mobile enabled website or specific mobile web page. Your Kreative Webworks team can help you with that.

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