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Welcome your visitors, but without the “Welcome”

Chuck Bankoff - Tuesday, May 08, 2012
I think it’s safe to say that the Internet is not a shiny new toy that we were all so enamored with over a decade ago. Visiting a website in no longer a unique experience and it would be wasteful to sacrifice your most valuable piece of real-estate with “Welcome to Our Website!” Really no one cares….

To give your visitors a big “welcome to our website” give them what they came for; A headline that tells them that they are in the right place.

Dependent on different personality types, you typically have 2-8 seconds before a visitor decides to leave your website. There a only a few things that you can be sure that they will look at during that 2-8 seconds, one of them being the Headline.

Statistically, older people and woman will read more than young people and men, and not many will read your content (the body of your text) unless the Headline is intriguing enough. Even search engines (your H1 tags) more credit when indexing your website.

This meaning your headline is debatably the most imperative part of your home or landing page. Don’t waste this space!

In the place of “Welcome to our Website”, try something more interesting that will really enhance what you are offering to your visitors such as:

“Would you like a Fantastic Blog Design?”


“Methods that help Bloggers enhance their Post Titles”


“Rid yourself of that Lame Mullet Haircut For Good!”

These are probably not the best examples, but I assume you get the point. Any of the headlines above will outdo the boring phrase “Welcome to my Website”. If you want to go the extra millage, add a keyword or two into a stimulating headline and search engines will be as attracted as those lucky visitors who discovered your website!

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