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Marketing on the Radio: The Benefits of Going Viral

Chuck Bankoff - Monday, February 27, 2012
Continually being in more places and offering more content to people is what Web Presence Optimization is all about. In the past, consumers only had a few media choices to get their news from. Today, these media outlets have multiplied a thousand times over and are spending less time on more of those choices. The idea is to get your content in front of those people in many of the "right" places possible.

Here is a noteworthy approach:

Start an Internet based radio show. You can interview many affluential and knowledgeable people and have them send links out to their influential friends.

This sounds like an absurd idea, right? But it really is becoming a type of trend that seems to be working. Recently, I was interviewed here in Orange County by two separate radio programs.

Most recently I was asked to be on a live drive-time radio show called "Pilgrim on the 405" hosted by Will Crist. It is a radio show that caters to commuters who travel through Orange County on the 405. To listen to Will's interview; Pilgrim Talks: Chuck Bankoff and Mark Friedman to get a better idea of the format I am talking about.

The first radio show I was asked to be on was only a few day prior with veteran journalist Tony Demaio who is with Big Media USA. We discussed the truth about Search Engine Optimization. Additionally, Tony is helping me work on a radio show of my own coming soon.

Do you think the idea works? I mean after the interview was completed I posted this article on a number of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter and a few blogs and here you are reading about it!

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