You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why would you start your marketing without one?

Our Expertise… Your Resources

You want to take control over your own marketing, but you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you had a false start or two, and you can’t afford another?

If you’ve got the people…we’ve got the plan. Our Digital Marketing Blueprint service is designed for schools and businesses who have the resources to manage their own marketing, but just need some guidance.

We will analyze your web-presence, make suggestions for improvement, and most importantly, provide a series of strategic marketing tactics that are designed to work with each other. Each Tactic will include a Description, Strategic Advantages, the actual Strategy, and appropriate advertising budget recommendations.

This is a Risk-Free Service

We are so confident in the value of this Digital Marketing Blueprint, that if you don’t get full value from it, tell us what you think it’s worth, and we’ll refund the rest!

If you decide to engage us in our full PartnerPlus program within 90-days of reviewing the Blueprint, we will waive your entire set-up fee.

The Blueprint consists of 3 sections:

#1: Situational Analysis:

#2: Detailed Website Analysis:

#3: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

We don’t just dump a document on you, we include a one-on-one debrief and consultation where we will answer all your questions and make additional suggestions.

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