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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
The only guaranteed way to show up on the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing is to pay them for the privilege. Here’s the thing… it works. The advantages are that you control your budget, the keywords and the exact geographic area you market to. To top it off, the analytics are accurate and actionable. It’s not appropriate for every product or service, but it’s the single fastest way to get in front of any audience that is motivated enough to search for something.

Video: Under 3 minutes

Retargeting Technology
You’ve experienced it yourself. You took an interest in a product or service on a website, and next thing you know that brand keeps popping up on other websites that you visit, and on Facebook as you scroll through your newsfeed. No, that wasn’t a coincidence…that was “Retargeting”. A very effective branding and conversion strategy, that at less than a penny per impression is often considered the “no-brainer” of the advertising world. Here’s how it works:

Video: About 3 minutes

Social Media Advertising
Facebook knows everything about everyone. Why? Because we tell them when we build our profiles, when we “like” something or comment on it. Facebook no longer gives that access away for free. But they do make it affordable. Social media advertising not only builds your brand, but is an integral strategy to send very specific demographics to your landing pages to fuel your Inbound Marketing campaigns.

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